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8th June 2018

Website Updates


50 Years of the Dinkie is shortly to go to press, now intended for publication during September 2018. Sample pages and a contents list have also been added to the preview page of the website. It will be possible to pre-order and reserve specific numbered copies once the cost has been finalised following the next website update, probably late July or early August.


Photographic and design work on The Swan Pen: Mabie Todd in England 1880-1960 is now well underway, sample pages will be added to the website as soon as they become available.

5th March 2018

Website Updates


The Conway Stewart book Fountain Pens for the Million is now sold out and only a few copies of The Neptune Pen remain unsold. Onoto the Pen and The English Fountain Pen Industry are still available. Contents pages have been added for each of the available titles, and the links for these have been updated to show four new sample pages from each book. 50 Years of the Dinkie is still on schedule for publication by October 2018, and more information on this title will be added as it becomes available. The Swan Pen: Mabie Todd in England 1880-1960 is due by October 2019, and this now has a new preview page which will be periodically updated. It too features a preliminary list of the contents.

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