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7th December 2023


Work on the new book is well advanced and we are hoping that it will be published during the first quarter of 2024, however please check back for any announcement of a firm date. It is now to be titled


Smaller English Pen Makers 1890-1930

A Comprehensive Guide


The book will run to over 300 pages, and the page size will match that of our previous books on Conway Stewart, Onoto and Swan. We have decided that this will be produced as a high quality paperback book in order to keep the purchase cost as low as possible and to minimise mailing costs, especially for International sales, where postage prices have soared over the past few years.


2nd March 2023

At Last - Some News!


After a couple of years of inactivity, largely due to the pandemic, we finally have a forthcoming new title to announce!


The provisional title of the book, a joint project from Andy and Steve, is


Some Lesser-Known English Pen Makers 1890-1930


The intention of the book is to bring to life some of those companies that most pen collectors would know little about, and to show what went on in the early days of the industry outside the better-known 'Big Three' companies that have already been the subjects of Steve's books. We'll be concentrating on the businesses and the people behind them as much as on the pens themselves, though there will be plenty of pens and contemporary advertising pictured as well. The companies featured will be loosely grouped in three geographical areas, London, Birmingham and Lancashire. All being well, a second volume covering the years 1930-1960 will follow in due course.


Work on the book is well underway. We are expecting that it will be published during 2024, however please check back for any announcement of a firm date.

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