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Steve Hull is the acknowledged authority on the fountain pen industry in the UK, having spent nearly 40 years collecting and researching the history of English fountain pens. His interviews with the families and friends of many of the important personalities involved in the founding and development of these companies have given him a unique insight into the way they operated.


With the four titles listed here (and more to follow in the coming years, the first of these being his magnum opus 'The Swan Pen: Mabie Todd in England 1880-1960'), Steve is making the fruits of his research available to present day collectors, and he hopes to inspire a future generation to continue his work.


Steve has been a member of the Writing Equipment Society since 1982 (and a Vice-President since 2009). During the last 30 years he has contributed dozens of articles (amounting to over 500 pages) to the Society's Journal on a wide variety of subjects relating to the English fountain pen industry, many on lesser-known pen-makers, such as 'Who the Hell was John Whytwarth?', 'Stylomania', 'The Unique Pen' and 'The Totus-Securus Pen'.

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