The Swan Pen: Mabie Todd in England 1880-1960


Steve is progressing well with his new magnum opus. The text, at over 40,000 words, is almost complete; several of the appendices, featuring various items - patents, colour codes etc - are also nearing completion.


Next comes the formidable task of deciding which of many dozens of advertisements and coloured leaflets are to be included. Then comes the even greater job of sorting out the pens, pencils, stylos, ink bottles and other assorted items and getting them to Andy Russell in Suffolk for photography and placement in the relevant chapters.


The design of the book, again by Andy, will be similar to that of Steve's last book - Onoto the Pen - which was launched at the London Writing Equipment Show in October 2016. He is not sure yet  how many to print or how many Limited Editions (individually signed and numbered with a classy slip-case) are to be made available (possibly 70, reflecting the period 1887-1957 of the Swan pen's general availability).


Given the huge amount of hitherto unpublished information and number of images that will be available for inclusion in the book, Steve initially reckoned on a volume with over 500 pages. However, a 2kg limit on parcels sent via Royal Mail may limit the number of pages to around 420, the same as the Onoto book; even then the Limited Edition versions will weigh in at over 2kg. In the meantime, other shipping methods will be researched.


As the book develops, examples of draft text, advertisements and leaflets will be added here to whet your appetite! Meanwhile, a preliminary list of the contents is now available by clicking the link in the sidebar.


Steve still intends to have the book ready for launch at the London Writing Equipment Show of October 2019. In the meantime, please do NOT contact him with queries or reservation requests until such time as he is able to advise a definite availablility date.

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