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Deb Gibson of Goodwriters Pens has reviewed this book in her excellent blog. You can read what she has to say by clicking here




Some initial feedback from other purchasers on receiving their book is quoted below, with their permission



 I just received my book in the mail, and I am absolutely blown away!!!!!  It’s gorgeous, and your collection is astounding!  I feel like a child looking in the window of the most glorious candy store!  I have locked myself in my study so I can spend some time alone with your beautiful book.......
........ I would also like to purchase two more books if possible as gifts for the friends that started me on this path 30 years ago.
Thank you for the excellent packaging!
The book is a real gem, packed with so much detailed information and with pictures of seldomly seen quality. Due to the colourful character of the Dinkie pens, every page of the book is a feast to the eye of the pen lover! It is also extremely helpful that the pens are shown in the correct size (scale 1/1). It is great to see that the English Pen Book series maintains a high quality in each publication.
JDM, Belgium
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