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Deb Gibson of Goodwriters Pens has reviewed this book in her excellent blog. You can read what she has to say by clicking here




Some initial feedback from other purchasers on receiving their book is quoted below, with their permission



 I just received my book in the mail, and I am absolutely blown away!!!!!  It’s gorgeous, and your collection is astounding!  I feel like a child looking in the window of the most glorious candy store!  I have locked myself in my study so I can spend some time alone with your beautiful book.......
........ I would also like to purchase two more books if possible as gifts for the friends that started me on this path 30 years ago.
Thank you for the excellent packaging!
The book is a real gem, packed with so much detailed information and with pictures of seldomly seen quality. Due to the colourful character of the Dinkie pens, every page of the book is a feast to the eye of the pen lover! It is also extremely helpful that the pens are shown in the correct size (scale 1/1). It is great to see that the English Pen Book series maintains a high quality in each publication.
JDM, Belgium
Just to let you know I am absolutely delighted with my book. I am a complete novice but I think I am catching the bug......
......Back to your book, it is a delight to me and a 'precious thing' (as we say in my family) in its own right. It's almost too lovely to keep looking at it! I am going to get a nice box to keep it in. You clearly love your subject and are very knowledgeable. It's so good to have all the information in one place. I am enjoying reading it and the photographs are exceptional. What a wonderful collection you have.
EG, Kent
Fantastic book!! And big congratulations on this excellent and comprehensive book!
PG, Australia
I have just received my signed copy of the book, bought for me by my husband, and I am absolutely over the moon! It exceeds all my expectations and I am completely in love with the Dinkie now.....
.....I have very small hands, and as I love writing letters and cards as well as having a small handmade card and gift business, I have decided to start collecting them. Your comprehensive, beautiful book is a fabulous way to begin learning about and identifying them.....
.....Thank you so much and well done indeed for producing such a marvellous book.
JLT, Suffolk
The book arrived safely yesterday, I am delighted with it and really look forward to reading it and studying all the photos. The Dinkie has always fascinated me and there has never been much written about it before, now this is a beautiful work on a lovely subject.
JK, Isle of Man
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