The companies featured in the book are divided into three regions, London (and Newhaven), Birmingham, and Lancashire (and Cheshire). The list below shows all the businesses that appear in the book in alphabetical order within each region, as well other features mainly relating to people or events, not specifically associated with a particular company.





Alliance Fountain Pen Co Ltd

Auto-Cap Fountain Pen Co Ltd

(The) Bolton Fountpen

Bristow-Standard Pen Co

British Carbon Papers Ltd

Capless Ltd

E M Richford Ltd

Farley’s Ltd

Farley & Cumberland Ltd

Felix Macauley Ltd

(The) Fleet Pen Company

F Mordan & Co

Fountain Pen Manufacturing Co

George Shand Ltd

Gold Nibs Ltd

Henry Stark, Son & Hamilton Ltd

H S Worth & Co

Hyde & Co

(The) International Pen Syndicate Ltd

James Funnell Christian

John Whytwarth Ltd

London Pen Co Ltd

London Pen Co (1913) Ltd

Maypen Ltd

M Lindner

M Robinson Ltd

O’Malley’s Pen Works Ltd

Ormiston & Glass Ltd

Pen-Makers Ltd

Pen Manufacturing Company Ltd

Rotapen Ltd


(The) Star Stationery Co Ltd

Thos Cumberland & Co

Totus-Securus Ltd

Turnstile Pen Co Ltd

W H Hayden & Co

Whytwarth Pens Ltd

Whytwarth Sales Ltd

Widmers Ltd

W J May Ltd





Cyril Prescott Schulz

Fountain Pen Scams

Oscar and Daisy Drewe-Harris

T H Crapo

Thomas Laing







(The) Birmingham Pen Trade

Edward Baker & Son

Frank Swan

Geo W Hughes

George Tucker

Hinks, Wells & Co

John Heath

M Myers & Son

Perry & Co Ltd

(The) Research Pen

W H Tant & Co

William Vale & Sons







Amalgamated Gold Pen Makers Ltd

Corona Company Ltd

Curzon Lloyd and Macgregor Ltd

Curzons Ltd

Fountain Pens Ltd

James Dixon Ltd

J Kearney & Co

(The) Lang Company Ltd

(The) Lang Pen Company Ltd

Leroi-Carpenter & Co

Master Pen Company

Revolution Fountain Pen Co Ltd

Southport Maxim Pen Company Ltd





August Botha Eberstein

Kay and Company

(The) Wades and the Livseys

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