Smaller English Pen Makers 1890-1930

A Comprehensive Guide


This eagerly-awaited book is due to go to press shortly. Unfortunately, we are unable to give details of prices or a firm publication date at this stage, however this page will be updated as soon as we can provide more information.


Because the book concentrates on the smaller, lesser-known manufacturers, familiar names such as Jewel, Mentmore, Unique and Wyvern do not feature. However, the early days of the important Liverpool companies Lang (up to 1915) and Curzons (up to 1910) are included because it would be impossible to understand the development of the industry throughout England without knowing their early histories. Companies founded in the 1930s and later are generally not included, though a companion volume covering the years 1930-1960 may be produced in the future.


The book is divided into three geographical areas of London, Birmingham and Lancashire (including their adjacent counties), which cover virtually all the English manufacturers of the period. A very comprehensive index is provided, amongst many other things it lists over 270 names of pens from manufacturers in the book. The Contents pages are reproduced below, the preamble on page IV explains how the book is arranged.


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