Reviews and Feedback


There are no reviews currently available online, however several readers have already e-mailed Steve with initial comments, some of which are reproduced below (with the writers' permission).


The books arrived today so thank you very much for arranging such rapid transit.


A magnificent looking tome which I will enjoy reading through over the coming long weekend. Congratulations on yet another addition to the record of English pens.


DW, Australia


Just a short note to let you know that the book arrived safely this morning in fine condition. It's a superb piece of research, and beautifully should be very proud!


MZ, Hampshire


Without  even reading a page, the look and feel tells me that this will be the magic I had anticipated.


MH, Devon


Well, what can I say - am sure everyone else has used up all the appropriate superlatives - this is truly your magnum opus. Congratulations - several times over - a pen book to end all pen books.


PS, Surrey


Your new book has just arrived and I am at once impressed and very pleased. A magnificent tour de force, congratulations. I have thus far only read the preface and acknowledgements and taken a brief look at some of the excellent pictures. I am looking forward to many hours of learning and hopefully will not have to bother you with questions about Mabie Todd pens again. With your other book FPFTM and Andy Russell's work on Dinkies I now have a growing library of reliable works of reference and entertainment.


BP, Birmingham


Great book, really enjoying it - you've done it Steve - Swan, Onoto and Conway Stewart - your legacy is in these 3 books!


FM, Dundee


The book arrived safely. And what a beautiful and impressive work!


ML, Sweden

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