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50 Years of the Dinkie - 1922 to 1972


Andy Russell's comprehensive history of the Conway Stewart Dinkie pen is due to go to press shortly. It will be published later in 2018 as a limited edition of just 100 copies in an A4 landscape format.


The book begins by looking at how small pens from British manufacturers evolved in the years leading up to 1922, when the Dinkie pen became one of the first models to be entirely produced in Conway Stewart's new Shoe Lane factory. The changes in design of the Dinkie are then followed through the next 50 years. By 1971, the Dinkie was the only gold-nibbed pen remaining in the Conway Stewart range, until production ceased in 1972.


During this period, Dinkie pens were produced in a myriad of wonderfully coloured casein materials. Over 100 different materials are known, but they have never been previously fully documented. Only eight of these materials are so far known to have been named by Conway Stewart themselves, though a few additional names have been adopted by collectors over the years. The book includes an appendix showing sample swatches of all these materials, each one given a unique code to allow collectors to precisely describe the material of their pens, as well as indicating an approximate period of manufacture. The swatch tables are also reproduced here so they will be freely available to all collectors, and the webpages will be updated if new materials are discovered in the future.


The swatches can be accessed by clicking Dinkie Colours


The printed book includes more than 250 full size pictures of pens and more than 100 sets (pictured half size) from the author's collection. In all, there are over 450 pictures, mostly in colour, and a total of 111 pages. Several Conway Stewart colour Christmas leaflets are featured, along with advertising from newspapers, magazines and the trade press. Many of these are reproduced for the first time.


This page will next be updated after printing is complete, probably towards the end of July. Details of price and how to order will be given at that time.


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