Updates to '50 Years of the Dinkie'



As new information becomes available, it has always been my intention to add any updates to the printed book here, so that it continues to reflect the current knowledge.


1   The Lumina Dinkies, pages 77-79 and 81


Masa Sunami (the acknowledged expert in Japanese vintage pens) has contacted me with some further information about the manufacturer of the Lumina Dinkie 570 pens.


He tells me that the Lumina materials were very popular in Japan at that time. He adds that the components for the ballpoint pens (mentioned on page 81) were found at the premises of the Kato Seisakusho Company in Osaka, which also indicates they were the original manufacturer of the components for the Dinkie 570 pens and 54 pencils. The company was run by a colourful-sounding character named Kiyoshi Kato, and they are best known for the manufacture of their 'Spaceman' brand pens.


You can read more about the company and the exploits of Kiyoshi Kato in Masa's book 'Fountain Pens of Japan', written with Andreas Lambrou, ISBN 978-0-9571723-0-2.


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