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Reference 1CS, page 30


Metal and leather pen pockets, one of each.



Reference 2CS, page 50


Duro (No 1) cap in red plastic with RG ball-end side clip. MINT.

If you have the rest of this pen in similar condition, the complete

pen would be worth £800 - £1000!



Reference 3CS, page 61


Early Dinkie, black chased lever filler, in centre of page 61.



Reference 4CS, page 93


7 Bina & Barrey Pencils as shown here.

(Excludes blue and yellow, 6th and 7th from left on

page 93)



Reference 5CS, page 100


13 Scribe No 336 caps with nickel plated clips,

all different colours. MINT.


Super examples of the casein colours produced by

Conway Stewart, would make a great display.



Reference 6CS, page 100


10 International No 356 caps with nickel plated clips

(9 from page 100, plus one more). All different colours. MINT.


Another nice display, even if you don't have the rest of the pens!



Reference 7CS, page 135


Three pencil lead capsules.



Reference 8CS, page 187


All on this page, except the nib box.

7 pens and 2 matching pencils. MINT.



Reference 9CS, page 194


All on this page, except 5th left.

2 pens, 4 ballpens and 4 pencils, as shown here.



Reference 10CS, page 201


Three pens on the left of page 201.

The third left is missing nib and feed, otherwise all MINT.



Reference 11CS, page 203


No 77 Fybriter  and Ink Marker. MINT.



Reference 12CS, page 205


All on this page - 7 pens, 8 pencils


The pens are missing nibs, but otherwise

all are MINT.



Reference 13CS, page 217


German-made pen, c1973. MINT.



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